Stay Informed on Education Reform: Three Blogs To Read Daily

As an administrator and lifelong educator I make it a priority to keep a daily watch on news, technology, and legislative action that impacts academia!  This year has been particularly active; a recent article by the NYT stated it well: “With the dust settling on legislative sessions around the country, 2011 is shaping up as one of the most consequential years in memory for changes in the way schools are run.”

We need to be informed educators!  We should know the issues facing us and be ready to voice our opinions.  Legislative action, case law, and perceptions of our stakeholders has a huge impact on how we implement quality curriculum and use technology in our schools.  I’d like to share with you three blogs that I think every educator should be reading to stay informed on the issues impacting education.

1.  This Week In Education by Alexander Russo

Mr. Russo does a remarkable job of fishing out great stories and highlighting the sweeping legislative action taking place across the country.

2.  EdJurist

This blog is a must for staying informed on the legal ramifications of current, and past, educational case law.

3.  EdReach

If you want a great filter for education innovation news, and opinions, look no further!   This blog is a must read (I know I’m a bit biased)!  I think the vision statement says it all: “Ed Reach provides a platform for passionate, outspoken educators- aiming to strengthen their voices by highlighting innovation in the field of education, through reporting critical educational news and providing commentary and criticism of the educational issues of the day.”

So, what are you waiting for?  Be informed, stay informed, and contribute to the conversation!

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  1. I was in the market for blogs on these subjects. Thanks for the recommendations! I would like to add a suggestion, “Scott McLeod … Dangerously Irrelevant … Technology, Leadership, and the Future of Schools”. Often, he is my go to person for anything and everything related to these discussion topics.

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