EdReach Show #19: Has the EdTech Bubble Already Burst?

Thanks so much Judi Epcke and Jay Blackman- this show digs deep into the attention (or lack thereof) that Silicon Valley has been paying to education.

To start things off with our EdReach News Nuggets:

We discuss the glorious news of Delicious being saved, and that the world’s last typewriter factory was shut down. As always we’re interested in how these stories affect education.

News Watch:

The big news story this week is entitled This Tech Bubble is Different, from BusinessWeek.com. We’re curious as to how this new tech bubble is going to affect education- or if education may get completely ignored. We have a great discussion about the struggles educators may be facing in this economy, and if educational innovation may be suffering because of it.

Blog Watch:

We continue the Tech Boom talk with an older post from Sylvia Martinez with her prediction (now two years old) about how education would be affected by the poor economy. She really nailed it two years ago.  Also, we discover an interesting post on why rote memorization is still good for you. You can guess how we react to that.

Twitter Talk:

This week I found an interesting possible education tool called Bo.lt. Once it comes out of beta, we’ll get chance to implement it in the classroom. Looks like it has a lot of possibilities.

On the Radar:

This weeks On the Radar brings a bunch of new things:

Wolfram Tones: http://tones.wolfram.com/ The most confusing music generator I’ve ever seen.- Rezac
Puppy cam is back! http://www.ustream.tv/sfshiba Epcke
Powerful Learning Practice eCourses? http://plpnetwork.com/get-involved/ecourses/ Epcke
A Space Apart – http://www.aspaceapart.net/ (Jay)


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